JQ Haggadah Table of Contents

Haggadah Section: Introduction

Tonight’s Haggadah contains the following ingredients: 


Kadesh – Sanctification – קַדֵש 

Oorhatz – Washing of the hands – וּרְחַץ 

Carpas­The eating of the green vegetables – כַּרְפַּס 

Yahatz – Breaking of the Middle of the three Matzot – יַחַץ 

MaggidThe story of Exodus – מַגִיד 

Eyru’ayim - The reading of the GLBT timeline – אֵירוּעַיִם 

RachatzWashing of the hands before the meal – רַחַץ 

Motzi – Blessing before the meal – מוֹצִיא 

MatzahBlessing for the Matzah – מַצָּה 

MarorEating of the bitter herbs – מָרוֹר 

KorechEating of the Matzah and Maror sandwich – כּוֹרֵךְ 

HaCarah - The conscious recognition of those not completely seen – הַכָּרָה 

Chamutz – Eating of the sour vegetables – חָמוּץ 

HaDerekh The path – הַדֶּרֶךְ 

Shulhan Orech The meal - שֻׁלְחָן עוֹרֵךְ 

Tzafon Eating of the Afikomen – צָפוּן 

Barech Birkat HaMazon – בָּרֵךְ 

Hallel Closing recitation – הַלֵל

We begin this Seder by…

Recounting and intertwining the story of Exodus and bringing our ancestral heritage into our lives here in the present. At this table, we collectively relive the saga as if we experienced the redemption ourselves.

The light of Passover is the light of freedom; the hope of Passover is the hope of freedom. Our ancestors suffered in the darkness of slavery and dreamed of their liberty; some of our world neighbors must yet do the same. In the flame of the Passover candle, we celebrate the light of freedom, the light that gives life and reveals the beauty in our diversity.

JQ International GLBT Haggadah
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JQ International GLBT Haggadah
JQ International
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • The History of our Haggadah
  • JQ Haggadah Table of Contents
  • The GLBT Seder Plate
  • GLBT Timeline
    • -- Exodus Story
  • The Story of Exodus
  • The Story of Exodus
    • Kadesh
  • Kadesh
  • Kadesh - Sanctification - קַדֵשׁ
  • The First Cup - Welcome The Festival
    • Urchatz
  • Urchatz - Washing of the Hands
    • Karpas
  • Karpas - Appetizer
  • Karpas - Eating the Green Vegetables
    • Yachatz
  • The Traditional Seder Plate
  • Yachatz – Breaking of the middle of the three Matzot – יַחַץ
  • How Did the Israelites Wind Up in Egypt in the First Place?
    • -- Four Questions
  • The Five Questions
    • -- Four Children
  • The Four Children - GLBT
    • -- Ten Plagues
  • GLBT Ten Plagues
  • The Second Cup - The Ten Plagues
    • -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
  • dayenu! it would have been enough
    • Rachtzah
  • Rachatz -- Washing of the hands before the meal.
  • Traditional Seder Plate Symbols
    • Motzi-Matzah
  • Motzi u'Matzah - Blessing Before The Meal And Over The Matzah
    • Maror
  • Maror - Eating of the Bitter Herbs
    • Koreich
  • Hillel Sandwich
    • Commentary / Readings
  • GLBT Seder Plate In Depth - The Orange, The Coconut, Sour Foods, Fruit Salad, Flowers, Sticks & Stones
    • Shulchan Oreich
  • Shulhan Orech - The Meal
    • Tzafun
  • Find & Eat the Afikomen!
    • Bareich
  • The Third Cup - Redemption
  • Cup of Wine For Elijah, A Cup of Water for Miriam
  • Miriam's Song
    • Hallel
  • The Fourth Cup - Cup of Praise
    • Nirtzah
  • Shortened Translation of Echad Mi Yode'a (Who Knows One)
  • Closing
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