"One has to recline at the table, at least once, symbolically. This position recalls the ancient practice when it was the privilege of the free to sit on a dining couch ( kline ) and eat in a reclining position. At the Seder, everyone sits on a chair (hesebet) propped up on cushions, leaning to his left "reclining ( mesubbin )".   This is a symbolical indication that at the redemption from Egypt the slave became a free man. At the Seder, people usually do not pour wine for themselves, only for the person sitting next to them; a free human being is being served, after all."

In keeping with the tradition of Hungarian Jews, let’s fill someone else’s cup and recognize that, as a family and group of friends, we have the resources to help each other and those in our community if we are willing to share our resources and collaborate – whether those resources are time, money, skills, or any of the other gifts we bring to one another.

Many of us around the table may already share our resources in different ways - volunteering in our communities, providing pro bono services, donating to charities, or by advocating or lobbying officials. For others, we may still be exploring the ways we’re hoping to share our resources and are looking for outlets to do so.

We are now going to fill our wine and I want to invite you to fill someone else’s cup instead of your own.

haggadah Section: Kadesh
Source: Jewish Budapest by Kinga Frojimovics, page 188