"Friends In Low Places" -- parody!!

Blame it all on my roots -I showed up in boots - And brought with me plagues of despair

The last one to know - The last one to show - I was the last one You thought you'd see there

And I saw the surprise - And the fear in your eyes - When I took up the staff to bring change

And I said to you - Hey Pharoh, its time we're through - let my people out on the range!

**CHORUS** 'Cause I've got friends in high places -Where the mannah falls - And the wine chases my blues away

But we'll be okay

I'm not big on walking places - but we'll mosey down to the oasis -Oh, I've got friends in high places**

I told you you were wrong - we just don't belong - building your pyramid floors

We've shown we've got might - There's no point to fight- We'll just show ourselves to the door

Hey, I didn't mean - To cause a big scene - but you didn't listen and then

You got harassed by divine intervention- with amphibians!


And now we must grieve- you just can't believe - they couldn't leave well enough alone

Halfway through the sea- we prayed while we fleed- in between the kvetches and groans

Poor Pharoh refused - his ego was bruised - he tried to follow us through

But God said no way - those Jews are mine by the way- and now we shout Who's like you??


haggadah Section: Songs
Source: Brooke Ethington