It Would Have Been Enough

It would have been enough for God to take us out of Egypt.

It would have been enough to bring us through the Red Sea, enough to 

give us the Torah and Shabbat, enough to bring us into the land of 


While we count each of these blessings as if it would have been enough 

on its own, we know that more was given, and more is promised.

From singing Dayeinu we learn to celebrate each landmark on our 

people’s journey.

Yet, we must never confuse these way stations with the redemptive 


Because there is still so much to do in our work of repairing the world.

If we speak truthfully about the pain, joys and contradictions of our 


If we listen to others with sensitivity and compassion,

If we challenge the absence of women in traditional texts, in the 

chronicles of Jewish history, and in the leadership of our 

institutions, Dayeinu.

If we continue to organize, march, and vote to affirm our values,

If we fight economic injustice, sexism, racism, and homophobia,

If we volunteer our time and money, Dayeinu.

If we break the silence about violence against women and children in the 

Jewish community and everywhere,

[If we challenge traditional conceptions of masculinity and femininity,]

If we care for the earth and its future as responsibly as we care for those 

we love,

If we create art, music, dance, and literature, Dayeinu.

If we realize our power to effect change,

[If we reconsider who our enemies are, and why we call them that,

If we bring holiness into our lives, homes, and communities,

If we honor our visions more than our fears, Dayeinu.

                                  - Tamara Cohen (brackets by Steph)

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Tamara Cohen