(To the tune of “Clementine”)
It made them mad to hear the answer
Pharaoh would not let them go.
God would help them with a signal
Mighty power God would show.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
That was all that Pharaoh said.
With no way to beat his army,
They would change his mind instead.
Every time bad things got started
He would almost let them go;
But as soon as things got better,
He would switch and tell them NO! (shout “no!”)
When the tenth plague scared old Pharaoh,
He’d no longer let them stay.
“Get out of Egypt,” he fin’lly shouted.
“Take your stuff and go away.”
With their cattle and some matzah
Jews were fin’lly on their way.
Through the Red Sear and hot Sinai
To their own God they could pray

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: Foundation for Family Education, Inc.