Have you searched for leaven in your home? Have you put the finishing touches on delicious dishes? It's time to stop planning for the Pesach Seder and to start experiencing its joy, its inspiration, its challenge and its beauty.  Every year the same story merges with our own lives and our experiences. This year is no different. We are as important to the Seder as the haggadah, the karpas and the salt water. We, gathered in small or great numbers, are what make the Passover Seder awe inspiring. We are more sacred than written words, stories and blessings.  Pesach, Passover, comes each year to see what we have learned about being human beings in God's very complicated and beautiful world. 

Stop preparing for Pesach now. Get comfortable in your cushioned seat, awaken childlike curiosity in your heart along with an apetite in your belly and immerse yourself in an evening like no other. Ma nishtanah halailah hazeh? Why is this night different? That will become abundantly clear as you explore the acts, themes and questions of tonight's Seder. 

haggadah Section: Introduction