The intended use of this Haggadah is for young women who are in treatment centers for eating disorders. However, this Haggadah is applicable to anyone who knows someone with unhealthy body images or for someone who has struggled or is still struggling with this issue herself. Although the many eating disorders affect not only women, but men too, this Haggadah focuses on young women who are preparing for marriage in a traditional Orthodox manner. Families are encouraged to use this Haggadah as well. Since many Orthodox Jews may not want to change the Haggadah that is already used in their homes, it is my hope that this Haggadah can at least be used as a suppliment to the tradition, perhaps being performed before or after the nights of the Seder. It is my hope that through the use of this Haggadah, the Seder will be a time of healing, and the realization that they are daughters of God.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Unknown