To my fellow Haggadah creators: 

Like so many others, I’ve been desperately searching for new inspiration and fresh creativity this year–for new content that isn’t just a revival of trends from my youth, or that doesn't follow a predictable formula. And, as ironic as it is, I recently found that inspiration by asking a platform built on algorithms to rewrite song lyrics from the 70s. 

I won’t go as far as calling artificial intelligence art–though I’m sure many would say otherwise (the Passover table is probably the perfect place to have that kind of healthy debate). But I will say that when I sat down to have a little “chat” with Chat GPT, a new open artificial intelligence platform that has taken the internet by storm, I found myself laughing out loud in both amusement and awe at a computer’s ability to create such witty and clever responses to my often zany questions. I found myself engaged, laughing, and inspired in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time–and possibly a bit fearful that computers will put me out of a job one day. 

I hope you enjoy this Chat GPT Haggadah Supplement as much as I enjoyed creating it. And I hope it gives you the same joy and inspiration it gave me. 

Chag Sameach, 

Marissa Stein

Senior Marketing Manager, Custom & Craft /

haggadah Section: Introduction