Welcome to Moishe House London's Second Seder: Reverse!

This year, we have a twist to our Seder... instead of repeating the same order as the night before, we're going to run the whole Seder in reverse order! We'll also be telling the story of Exodus in the reverse order, going from Freedom into Slavery.

We hope this will make it more accessible to those who might not have been to many seders (or who have never been to one before), or for those who have, it will be very different from their usual experience. We hope this will be both inclusive and engaging, aiding everyone to think more deeply about the Seder Night.

Our seder is meant for the broadest audience and we want everyone to feel comfortable throughout. Tonight, our Moishe House Community is you. If you have a tradition or an idea that you want to share, please do! A communal seder is an amazing opportunity to learn how other families and communities approach the amazing festival of Pesach and we want ours to be brought to life by our community!

This reverse Haggadah is an experiment - we don't need to follow it to the letter. More importantly, we hope it may act as a loose guide to some of the ideas we could explore through the reverse seder!

haggadah Section: Introduction