The seder is divided into two halves - the story of our past redemption from bondage in Egypt, and the future redemption of our selves from "spiritual hametz" - arrogance, indulgence and selfishness.  The Seder is like a concert - a nicely composed first set, a break for a meal, a raucous second set and the encore in Jerusalem.

The Haggadah speaks to us as children and as adults, before and after slavery, but it focuses on patterns of four - four cups of wine, four questions, four children, and four words - bring, deliver, redeem, take - to describe our physical and spiritual journey.  It is the most musical of our holidays, and the most subject to interpretation.

The choices we make in our youth help mold who we become. Part of telling the Passover story is to ensure that our children use it as a guide to making good choices as they struggle with a generation of challenges.  

Choose the introduction that seems so out of place. Choose a second hand guitar because it teaches you discipline. Choose your heroes' amazing tones in words and sounds. Choose wearing a cape, because it’s who you are. Choose staying out all night because life is lived out loud. Make the choices that bring, deliver, redeem and take us to a world free from all forms of bondage.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: The "Geulah Papyrus", and adapted from Alex Lifeson’s induction of “Yes” into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; My Jewish Learning Passover themes