Welcome to the Guzick Family Passover. Tonight we begin a new tradition with the telling of the Pesach story from The Guzick Family Haggadah.

The word Haggadah means the Telling and at this time of year it is all our responsibility and pleasure to gather family and friends to remember the freedom brought to us by God when he provided us an Exodus from slavery in Egypt and celebrate our continued freedom and blessings now. We also want to remember this evening to send prayers to those who do not enjoy the same blessings.

This night is full of symbols and in the telling of the story of Pesach these symbols will take on a greater meaning that will carry into your soul the collective history we all share.

So, come to the Sedar table, relax and fill your glass with wine as it is commanded we do this night, a night of freedom and celebration.

haggadah Section: Introduction
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