On this night, we retrace our steps from then to now,

reclaiming years of desert wandering.

       On this night, we ask questions, ancient and new,

       speaking of servitude and liberation, service and joy.

On this night, we welcome each soul,

sharing stories of courage, strength, and faith.

        On this night, we open doors long closed,

        lifting our voices in songs of praise.

On this night, we renew ancient hopes

and dream of a future redeemed.

        On this night, we gather around seder tables

        remembering our passage from bondage to freedom.

On this night, we journey from now to then,

telling the story of our people’s birth.

Welcome to our Seder. For several years now the Miller home has welcomed all who need a place to come to celebrate Passover. The book you hold in your hands, called a Haggadah, was created for this Seder for this year. It is a project of love and devotion, a collection of thoughts and prayers for everyone to enjoy.

As we begin tonight’s seder, lets take a moment to thank G-d for bringing us here together. For allowing all of us to share this space, in this way, at this time. Whether you are coming for the first time, or have been a guest of our table for many years we are grateful that you are able to join us in this joyous festival meal.

Passover is the telling of a familiar story. A story that has been told and re-told through the years. From Disney to Broadway to Veggietales, there are many versions and ways to tell the story. Hopefully all of you will have a connection to the story we tell tonight.

In our household we hold to a reading tradition. In this tradition we circle around the table, asking everyone to participate. You should feel free to read more than one paragraph, or ask to be skipped should your turn arise when you’d prefer not to read aloud.

The Seder is a place for questions. Traditional Jewish philosophy states that tonight is not a retelling of a story from long ago, rather a time for us all to experience going out of Egypt. As if each of us was there. That by sharing this story, each of us is redeemed. No question is to obscure, there are no judgments here. Should you have a question, don’t hesitate to stop and ask.

haggadah Section: Introduction
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