Welcome to the Robbins' Family Seder and our family Haggadah.

A few terms to get us all on the same page...

Seder means order. There is a particular order to our evening, which means - food comes last.

The Haggadah is our guide book through the evening and relates what God has done for us as a family and for our ancestors.

Thank you to those that have come tonight as invited guests. For tonight, you are part of our family.

Our evening began with the ceremonial washing of our hands, and as we continue through the Haggadah, we will say the Kiddush and opening prayers. We will explain the importance of the green vegetables and the matzoh found on the table. We will tell the passover story and explain how this relates to us in our lives today. We will explain the remaining foods on the table and enjoy the passover meal before our evening concludes.

This Haggadah is an abridged version and has been added to from different sources and as our family has grown. It is a living document that allows us to honor those that are no longer with us and keep alive their memories. Our passover is a participatory event and will require everyone to either read aloud or answer questions. Everyone is expected to take part… yes, even you! Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and to enjoy the evening as we retell the exodus of the Jews from enslavement in Egypt.

haggadah Section: Introduction