Hello friends! Sometimes Haggadah's are long and the seder drags on forever. Hopefully this one will be slightly less painful than usual. Before we continue, there are a few basic things that you should know about this meal.Seder means order and as such this meal is traditionally executed in a particular order. Also, Jews are into symbolism and most things on the table have a specific meaning that will be explained to you during the course of the meal. Some stuff is in Hebrew, though transliterations will be provided so you can participate even if you can't read the language. The following is the order of stuff so you can keep track of how long you will be stuck here.

Kiddush (the blessing over wine) | kadeish | קַדֵּשׁ

Ritual hand-washing in preparation for the seder | urchatz |וּרְחַץ

Dipping a green vegetable in salt water| karpas |כַּרְפַּס

Breaking the middle matzah | yachatz |יַחַץ

Telling the story of Passover | magid |מַגִּיד

Ritual hand-washing in preparation for the meal | rachtza |רָחְצָה

The blessing over the meal and matzah | motzi matzah |מוֹצִיא מַצָּה

Dipping the bitter herb in sweet charoset | maror |מָרוֹר

Eating a sandwich of matzah and bitter herb | koreich |כּוֹרֵךְ

Eating the meal! | shulchan oreich |שֻׁלְחָן עוֹרֵךְ

Finding and eating the Afikomen | tzafoon |צָפוּן

Saying grace after the meal and inviting Elijah the Prophet | bareich |בָּרֵךְ

Singing songs that praise God | hallel |הַלֵּל

Ending the seder and thinking about the future | nirtzah |

haggadah Section: Introduction