Haggadah Section: Introduction

Our Passover meal is called a seder, which means “order” in Hebrew, because we go through 14 specific steps as we retell the story of our ancestors’ liberation from slavery in Egypt.  Haggadah means "telling" in Hebrew; fitting, as it helps us tell the story of Passover.

קַדֵּשׁKiddush (the blessing over wine) | kadeish |

וּרְחַץRitual hand-washing in preparation for the seder | urchatz |

כַּרְפַּסDipping a green vegetable in salt water| karpas |

יַחַץBreaking the middle matzah | yachatz |

מַגִּידTelling the story of Passover | magid |

רָחְצָהRitual hand-washing in preparation for the meal | rachtza |

מוֹצִיא מַצָּהThe blessing over the meal and matzah | motzi matzah |

מָרוֹרDipping the bitter herb in sweet charoset | maror |

כּוֹרֵךְEating a sandwich of matzah and bitter herb | koreich |

שֻׁלְחָן עוֹרֵךְEating the meal | shulchan oreich |

צָפוּןFinding and eating the Afikomen | tzafoon |

בָּרֵךְSaying grace after the meal and inviting Elijah the Prophet | bareich |

הַלֵּלSinging songs that praise G-d | hallel |

נִרְצָהEnding the seder and thinking about the future | nirtzah |


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