After singing and a few short talks / conversation about the reason they are there, they return to the original gathering-place for an —


We take into ourselves the foods & meanings of the Seder.

First question : “Mah nishtanah haSeder hazeh miKol Sedarim? Why is this Seder different from all other Seders?”  Because every other Seder recalls the oppression of human beings by a ruler who thinks himself a god, but this Seder faces the oppression of God’s Creation, our Mother Earth.”

[All say together:]

It is our task to make from fire

Not an all-consuming blaze

To scorch our planet,

But the light in which we see each other;

Each of us different,

 All of us made in the image of God.

We light this fire to see more clearly

That the Earth, the human race, 
are not for burning.

We light this fire to see more clearly

The rainbow in our many-colored faces:

The rainbow of all cultures and all life-forms.

We light this fire to see more fully

The great round Mother of us all,

Pregnant with all life, all possibility.

Blessed are you, Yahh our God, Breathing Spirit of the Universe, who gives us light that we who gather here today may become a light for peace and freedom and healing for all peoples and our planet.
Blessed are you, Yahh, Breathing Spirit of the Universe, who has breathed life into us, lifted us up, and carried us to reach this moment.

 [Light candles at each table. Pass the globe from person to person around the table/s. As each person receives the globe, s/he stands to hold it gently for a moment or two, then hands it to the next person.]

Someone says:

Lit by this light, our Seder will walk a path that begins with joy and celebration of our sacred Mother Earth; then turns in grief to see the grievous wounds inflicted on our Mother; and turns again toward action, covenant, and commitment to heal her from these wounds. 

haggadah Section: Introduction