LEADER In the traditional Passover seder, we pause to reflect on what we have in our lives for which we are grateful and thank God for the miracles God performed. Let’s now recite aloud the blessings we enjoy. After each blessing, we take a moment to say together “Dayenu — it would have been enough.”

1. We are grateful that so many among us do not suffer from the oppression and hardship of daily hunger. Dayenu

2. We are grateful to live in a democracy and have the ability to influence our government’s priorities. Dayenu

3. We are grateful for the opportunity to direct national attention to the injustice of hunger and the heartbreaking stories of those impacted. Dayenu

4. We are grateful to those who use their hands to stock a food bank, their feet to march to Capitol Hill, and their voices to demand justice. Dayenu

5. We are grateful we made the time to be present for this Hunger Seder to educate ourselves and be inspired to act. Dayenu

6. We are grateful for each other – alone we are limited, but together we are powerful advocates for change. Dayenu

Day Day-enu, Day Day-enu, Day Day-enu Dayenu, Dayenu (x2)

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Mazon: Hunger Seder