1. What number appears most frequently in the Haggadah?

a) 4   b) 15   c) 600,000 

2. The first time the Jews ate matzah was:

a) after leaving Egypt in a hurry, with no time for their bread to rise   b) the night prior to leaving Egypt, at the first Passover Seder   c) in 1888, when Manischewitz opened a small matzah bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio 

3. The recipe for Charoset is:

a) dates, wine, walnuts and apples   b) avocado, bananas, coconut and pine nuts   c) sesame seeds, honey, pepper and cloves 

4. Of the Four Sons, which is regarded as the most problematic:

a) the wise son   b) the evil son   c) the simple son   d) the son who doesn’t know how to ask 

5. The miracle of the plague of hail was:

a) it was summertime   b) the frozen hail was also on fire   c) the hail was as big as soccer balls  

6. What important figure is mentioned only tangentially in the Haggadah:

a) God   b) Abraham   c) Moses   d) Pharaoh  

7. What food may be used for Marror, the bitter herbs?

a) "red horseradish" from the jar   b) lettuce   c) cayenne peppers  

8. Before Passover begins, we rid our homes of chametz by:

a) searching for chametz   b) burning our chametz   c) selling our chametz   d) nullifying our chametz   e) all the above  

9. How many Jews were living in Egypt, prior to the onset of the plagues?

a) 600,000   b) 3 million   c) 15 million

10. How much wine should be drunk at each of the Four Cups?

a) 5 cc (one teaspoon)   b) 98 cc (3.3 ounces)   c) 250 cc (8.4 ounces)   d) 946 cc (one quart) 

Tie Break:

As of 2010, what was the world Jewish population?

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
Source: Aish