In the Hallel we recite “Not for our sake Hashem, not for our sake, but unto Your name give honor for the sake of Your kindness, for the sake of Your truth.” The thing I found most interesting about these words is the fact that they are asking Hashem to reveal Himself - not for us but for Him. Usually when something is being asked for to Hashem it will most of the time benifit us. Why is it worded this way? I think the answer to the question is that the author (King David) wants to show us that there was a time when our oppressors would ask us “where is your god?” We are wishing that He would intervene again in the issues with man for the sake of people believing in Him. If He doesn’t show up it would be like letting those people believe that there was no god. I think that the words “for your sake” are necessary to show us how Hashem was doing this all just so mankind can recognize Him. This is similar to the principle of an eye for an eye. If Hashem wants people to see His true essence He also needs to do something for that. There is no way that it can just happen overnight.

haggadah Section: Hallel
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