Here is an idea for linking our springtime Seder to the Arab Spring, in the hope that the miracle of Tahrir Square will achieve a lasting liberation and democracy for modern Egypt, and will help spread peace and freedom throughout the world.  This variant on Ha Lachma Anya can be recited while lifting up the matzah. 

Rabbi Gilah Langner

Ha lachma anya  / This poor bread

di achalu avhatana / that our ancestors ate

b’ar’a di Mitzrayim / in the land of Egypt

Is a symbol of both oppression and freedom --

from the Pharoahs of old

and the tyrants of today.

Let all who are hungry for freedom achieve a true and lasting liberation.

Let all who are in need be provided for.

This year, freedom is on the march. 

Next year, may its blessings spread across the globe. 

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: Rabbi Gilah Langner