Golden Girls Yachatz

While Sophia will want to break a stale cannoli or a leftover piece of bread used to smear up the remaining sauce in a pasta bowl, it’s probably best to stick to the matzah on your seder plate.  

You can do exactly what the girls would have done with Rose in this step: hide the afikoman, or dessert (it’s half of the broken matzah) and play oogle and floogle. 

Barbara: Well, I think I'd better be going to. 
Rose: But it's still so early. I thought we could all have a game of oogle and floogle. 
Barbara: I don't believe I've ever heard of that. 
Rose: We used to play it back in St. Olaf. It's an adult version of hide-and-go-seek. 
Barbara: And how does it differ from the children's version? 
Rose: Adults play it.

Rose will be looking high and low while Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia finish the seder—because you just know Sophia is itching to tell her version of the Maggid. 

SOURCE: Golden Girls S3E15 “Dorothy’s New Friend”

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: H. Alan Scott