All of the girls know a thing or two about being bitter (remember when Blanche was bitter over the attention Dorothy got at the Rusty Anchor?!?!).

Blanche: Dorothy, when you sing, you light up the room. You do. You positively glow. You’re beautiful. 
Dorothy: Blanche, you don’t have to say that. 
Blanche: Believe me I don’t like saying it. But it’s true, you can attract men in a way I can’t and I’m jealous of you. 
Dorothy: Blanche Devereaux that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. 
Blanche: It is?
Dorothy: Absolutely. 
Blanche: You’re probably right. Most of the time when I compliment you I’m not being sincere. 

SOURCE: Golden Girls S7E18 “Journey to the Center of Attention”

haggadah Section: Maror
Source: H. Alan Scott