Golden Girls Karpas

Sure, having a bite of a vegetable as an appetizer isn’t necessarily exciting, but fear not, you’re not alone in your eating of meager treats. As you dip the vegetable into the saltwater while keeping in mind the bitter herbs you’re about to enjoy, think back to all the times the girls attempted to refrain from overindulging (but with all that cheesecake in the fridge, what’s the point in depriving yourself? Life is short!)

Blanche: You know, you have a point Dorothy. Here we are, not eating chocolate cake, which we obviously adore, because we want to stay very thin, and then drop dead. That's nuts. 
Rose: But we might be thin and stay alive. 
Blanche: But not forever, Rose. We're not gonna stay alive forever. That's Dorothy's point. And when you're gonna die anyhow, what's it matter? 
Dorothy: Yeah, I mean, what does it matter if you know that you're gonna end up dying anyway? You might as well do what you want to do. 
Blanche: Like having ice cream on the chocolate cake.

SOURCE: Golden Girls S1E10 “The Heart Attack”

haggadah Section: Karpas
Source: H. Alan Scott