I get it, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘In what way does The Golden Girls relate to the story of Passover?’ Or you’re like, ‘Are any of them even Jewish?’ (Yes, in fact, both Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty were Jewish… and Rue McClanahan probably dated a Jew, or seven.) 

But think about it! Four women, told by society that they’re past their prime, come together to form a community despite what the world tells them they’re supposed to be. Each one of them had to escape a particularly difficult narrative to find exodus: Sophia had to leave Shady Pines, Dorothy had to leave Stan, and Rose and Blanche both had to get over the grief of losing their husbands. 

Need more proof? OK, they weren’t big into wine, but they had their cheesecake! And do you think that cheesecake never had fruit, honey or other gifts from nature? And how many times do you think they had to wait for Rose to finish another St. Olaf story in order to eat dinner? Blanche actively sought justice in the world by getting her birth date removed from her birth certificate by order of the governor. Looking for questions? Dorothy has plenty for ya! 

So if you will, sit back and enjoy a golden Haggadah as told through the brilliance of The Golden Girls. Oh, and thank you for being a mensch. 

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: H. Alan Scott