Freeing Your Inner Pharaoh

         Freeing Your Inner Pharoah

How-to for the JMC Passover Haggadah insert:
Print it. Hand it out. Email to your seder-mates before the big night. Read online and go on a personal journey. Or just print it out and literally insert it into your haggadah(s) at a spot that works.

The glory of an insert is that you can make it work for you. Some might want to just keep it to themselves – using it as a personal prompt to prepare for Pesach from the inside out. Others might find it engaging to print out copies and rotate taking turns reading sections and asking one of the four questions embedded within the insert.

Knowing your table mates preferences, and willingness to explore the questions, you could also pick and choose one or more of the questions to investigate, inviting everyone to take a turn responding. Truly, the options are limitless.

Finally, you can play with the concepts presented and come up with your own questions or interactive approach.


haggadah Section: Introduction