[There are many different traditions of songs to sing, praising the Breath of Life Who brings freedom and justice to birth.)

BY PRAISING [Read together:]

All living are one and holy, let us remember as we eat, as we work, as we walk and drive. All living are one and holy, we must make ourselves worthy We must act out justice and mercy and healing as the sun rises and as the sun sets, as the moon rises and the stars wheel above us: we must repair goodness. We must praise the power of the one that joins us. Whether we plunge in or thrust ourselves far out finally we reach the face of glory too bright for our eyes and yet we burn and we give light. We will try to be holy, we will try to repair the world given to us to hand on. Precious is this treasure of words and knowledge and deeds that moves inside us. Holy is the hand that works for peace and for justice, holy is the mouth that speaks for goodness holy is the foot that walks toward mercy. Let us lift each other on our shoulders and carry each other along. Let holiness move in us. Let us pay attention to its small voice. Let us see the light in others and honor that light. Remember the dead who paid our way here dearly, dearly and remember the unborn for whom we build our houses. Praise the light that shines before us, through us, after us. Amein. — Marge Piercy, from Amidah

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: SEDER FOR THE EARTH: Facing the Plagues & Pharaohs of Our Generation, Shalom Center