The youngest child present who can read sings this song questioning four things different about the night of the seder from all other nights.

Mah nish-ta-na ha-laylah ha-zeh mikol ha-lei-lot? mikol ha-lei lot? Ha-laylah hazeh Ha-laylah hazeh mikol ha-lei lot, mikol ha-lei lot?

Why is this night of Passover different from all other nights of the year?

She-b'chol ha-lei-lot anu och'lin cha-meitz u-matzah? Cha-meitz u-matzah?. Ha-laylah hazeh Ha-laylah hazeh kulo matzah? kulo matzah?.

On all other nights, we eat either leavened or unleavened bread, why on this night do we eat only matzah?

Sheb'chol ha-lei-lot anu och'lin sh'ar y'rakot? Sh'ar y'rakot? Ha-laylah hazeh Ha-laylah hazeh Maror? Maror?

On all other nights, we eat vegetables of all kinds, why on this night must we eat bitter herbs?

Sheb'chol ha-lei-lot ein anu mat-beelin afee-lu pa-am echat? Afee-lu pa'am echat? Ha-laylah hazeh Ha-laylah hazeh sh'tei p'ameem? Sh'tei p'ameem?

On all other nights, we do not dip vegetables even once, why on this night do we dip greens into salt water and bitter herbs into sweet haroset?

Sheb’khol ha-lei-lot anu och-leem bein yo-shveen u-vein m’su-been, bein yo-shveen u-vein m’su-been? Ha-laylah hazeh? Ha-laylah hazeh, kulanu m’subeen, kulana m'subeen?

On all other nights, everyone sits up straight at the table, why on this night do we recline and eat at leisure?

haggadah Section: -- Four Children