The Plagues raise so many questions. These are just four, but let's add as many more as we've got. 

1. Scientifically / logically what actually even happened? We've seen terrible storms and we've seen infestations, but what did this kind of darkness look like? 
2. Stated in another way: How much of the plagues are metaphorical? What do the plagues represent? 
​3. What kind of point did the plagues prove? What doe someone else's trauma have to do with our liberation? 
4. How deserving or complicit were average Egyptians? We learn about the evil taskmasters and understand that when slavery happens an entire society is complicit, but what about Shifra and Puah who were government employees but were rebelling in their own ways? What might this say about risk taking, privilege, and what's given up despite our individual acts of goodness? 

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues