Four Is Fantastic

Dr. Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. Johnny Storm, a.k.a. Human Torch. Sue Storm, a.ka. Invisible Girl. Jewish character Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing. That's four heroes in the Fantastic Four. Even with two major movies about this foursome, they still get overshadowed by the Avengers...(Chris Evans even defected from his original Johnny Storm portrayal to take up Captain America's shield).

But let's think about these folks in the framework of four approaches to life and action; read a little about them below and ask yourself...which of the Fantastic Four am I?

"Wise": Are you flexible or rigid when it comes to engaging with the world around you?

"Wicked": Are you setting the world on fire with your actions, possibly burning it down to create the world you wish to see?

"Simple": Are you operating under the radar, almost invisibly, undoubtedly being underpaid and under appreciated, but serving as a calming, simplifying presence?

"Not Asking Questions": Or are you not very verbal, but sturdy and reliable, moving through the world as a mass of power and force?

And if you're not feeling these four children, there are many others to choose from — a few of them below.

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haggadah Section: -- Four Children
Source: Esther Kustanowitz