Today we learn about four different types of girls. 

The Healthy girl asks, why do people ask me my dress size?

To her we say, some people have forgotten what is most important in a future wife, which is her mind.

The Wounded girl says, others have told me to watch my weight. Am I not attractive?

To her we say, what is most attractive is a woman of God with a mind of her own.

The Ashamed girl says, I will not get a husband if I am not thin.

To her we say, a woman's figure is beautiful in many different forms. Your must marry someone who loves you as you are.  

The Dying girl says, I have tortured my body to fit the desired image of many. What am I to do?

To her we say, begin to love your body now and bring it back to health. Not only your body, but your mind as well. 

haggadah Section: -- Four Children