The Four Cups by Rabbi Yael Levy

It is time, the Infinite calls,Come

V’hotzeyti, I will take you out

V’hitzalti, I will deliver you to a new place

V’ga’alti, I will help you to transform

V’lakachti, I will take you into relationship

And you will know your beloved place amid the myriad of all life (Exodus 6:6-7).

I can’t the soul cries, I am so afraid.

Of course you are, the Infinite responds.

You have been in the narrow place for so very long

But I will lift you up,

So just for a moment you will see

The expanse of possibilities,

Then you will decide what is more frightening   

To stay where you are   

Or to step out towards what might be.

haggadah Section: Kadesh