Why do we talk about 4 children? 

(This part of the seder comes from Rabbinic midrash or Rabbis interpretation of the torah. The Torah speaks about children in connection with the Pesach story 4 times using the exact same words. Rabbis made sense of why the same thing was said 4 times by explaining that each time was supposed to represent different types of children.)


How would we respond to each of these 4 types of children? 

The eager child: (Teach this child about the details of the seder. Talk about freedom and the need to transform the world.) 

The child who does not want to attend the seder: (We invite you to join us and listen and be with us so that you hear what the seder means to us.) 

The quiet child: (We tell her that we are telling a story from a long time ago in another place when Hebrews were forced to work as slaves. Tonight we are celebrating our freedom.) 

The child who is too young to ask: (Tell the child, we do this every year to celebrate spring and family and how much we love each other and you.)

haggadah Section: -- Four Children
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