Why do we eat only unleavened bread?

When the Jews left Egypt it was in great haste. The dough had no time to rise. In our rush to escape slavery, we gave up on yeast.

Why do we eat bitter herbs?

Because the lives of the Jews in Egypt were bitter with hard labour. The bitter taste helps us to feel the pain of our ancestors under slavery, and the pain of so many people today who are enslaved. We dip our greens the first time to taste the bitterness.

Why do we dip the herbs twice?

We dip the greens in salt water as a symbol of rebirth, the bitter herbs in the haroset because the despair of slavery was sweetened by the promise of freedom. We dip once to taste the bitterness of slavery, to remind us of the pain that our ancestors endured before escaping to freedom. We dip again to remind ourselves that bitterness is a bad habit.

Why do we recline?

Reclining at the table was the sign of a free person - so we commemorate the freedom of Passover.

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions