(To be recited after drinking the fourth cup of wine at the conclusion of the Seder.)
We read in the Talmud: These four cups correspond to the four expressions of redemption which the Torah uses in relating the events of Egypt:  Vehotzeti and I shall bring forth:  Vehitzalti and I shall save; Vegaalti and I shall redeem:  Valakahti and I shall take. Rabbi  Tarphon would add a fifth cup to correspond to Veheveti and I shall bring.
And now, in our own time, when we have been privileged to behold the mercies of the Holy One, blessed is He and His salvation over us; in the establishment of the State of Israel which is the beginning of redemption and salvation, as it is written: "And I shall bring you into the land which I swore to give unto Abraham, unto Isaac and unto Jacob and I have given it unto you as an inheritance; I am the Lord! it is fitting and proper that we observe this pious act, the drinking of the fifth cup as a form of thanksgiving.
We give thanks unto the Eternal for the wartime miracles and wonders He wrought for us. The
mercies of the Eternal stood us in good stead in time of dire peril, when seven nations united to destroy and annihilate the Jewish state at the very time of its birth and yet once again they pledge do annihilate the land and its people and plunge it into rivers of blood and fire. The Eternal, in His loving kindness, frustrated the designs of our enemies and vouchsafed victory unto us bringing us again to Jerusalem in joy.

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