Famine in Canaan.  Relocation to Egypt.  Joseph rules - things are good.  Time passes and memory fades.  Descendants of Jacob (Hebrews?) are enslaved.  Eventually, their numbers threaten one of the Pharaohs.  To send a message and control population growth, Hebrew boys are marked for slaughter.  One such boy (Moses) escapes and is adopted by the Pharaoh's daughter.  Moses eventually agrees to lead his people to freedom.  Moses makes demands of the reigning Pharaoh, who pays no heed.  Moses enlists God and (ten) plagues ensue.  The Pharaoh flip-flops nine times and then says 'get out of here'.  The Hebrews skidaddle, but Pharaoh changes his mind AGAIN and chases them into the Red Sea.  The sea parts (miracle or unique wind phenomenon?) and the Hebrews pass through unharmed while the Egyptian soldiers drown.  The Hebrews party (but with a touch of remorse).  FREEDOM.  The story continues.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
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