The story of Exodus helps us remember that the journey towards freedom is often long and full of obstacles, but that it is only in freedom that we can reach our full humanity. Tonight though we tell about the Jewish struggle for freedom,we remember the enduring struggle for freedom for all humanity and know that no one is truly free until all of us are free.

This story also reminds us all people play a role in the fight for justice- they can choose to keep others oppressed, they can do nothing, or they can actively work for justice. As we tell the story of Exodus, try and identify the different roles. And then think about which roles you have played in your life - when have you been the oppressor? when have you been oppressed? when have you been the bystander and done nothing, and when have you spoken out and taken action? And tonight, and always, as we hear about the ways in which people have suffered and continue to suffer and struggle in the world, remember the words of Mr. Rogers and "look for the helpers." [show video clip].

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning