בכל דור ודור - "In every generation..." At the seder we acknowledge our connection to those who came before us, and we are commanded to reenact the story of the exodus. Our slavery in Egypt was one of the times that we were desperately pleading for help- but we also prevailed . We don't always come out victorious from all the struggles we are put through, but our history shows our strength. When we learn about our religion we are taught that we are the people chosen by God. When we all sit at the seder with our friends and family and we start speaking about this portion and have the differents symbols on the seder plate it really gets you to think and lets you experience how our ancestors lived and might have felt around those times, throughout the trials and difficulties. We can relive and experience this with everyone around us. This gives us a chance to discuss how this makes us feel, and how we can get connected and stay connected.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
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