“And the Eternal brought us forth from Egypt”- not by a ministering angel, not by a fiery angel, not by a messenger, but by Himself, in His glory, did the Holy One, blessed be He, as the Bible records: “And I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night, and I will smite all the first-born in the land of Egypt from the man to beast, and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgements. It is I, the Eternal.”

“And I will pass through the land of Egypt” -- I and not a ministering angel; “and I will smite the first-born in the land of Egypt I will execute judgments” --I and not a messenger; “I the Eternal” -- I and no other.

“With a strong hand” --this refers to the cattle plague, as it is said in the Bible: “Behold, the hand of the Eternal will be against the cattle that is in the field, against the horses, the donkeys, the camels, the one and the sheep a very grievous plague.”

“And with an outstretched arm”-this refers to the sword, as the Bible states: “His sword drawn in his hand, outstretched against Jerusalem.”

“And with great terror”--this refers to the Revelation of God to Israel, as it is said: “Has any god ever tried to go and remove on nation from the midst of another nation, with trials, with signs and with wonders, and with battle, and with strong hand and outstretched arm, and with great terrors, as all that the Eternal your God did for you in Egypt before your eyes?”

“And with signs”-this refers to the rod of Moses, as it is said: “And thou, Moses, shalt take in thy hand this rod where with thou shalt do the signs.”

“And wonders”- this refers to the plague of blood, as it is written in Scripture: “I will put wonders in heaven and on earth:”

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story