At this point in the seder we open the door for Elijah, the prophet who tradition holds visits every Passover seder and will one day usher in the messianic time of peace and coexistence. One tradition suggests that each person is responsible for helping to bring this idyllic vision to fruition. As we focus tonight on creating a more fair and effective criminal justice system, let us each pour some of our wine into the cup of Elijah on our table as a pledge to each do our part in building a more just society.

(Each participant pours a small amount of wine from their cup into Elijah’s Cup) 

Sing Together:

Eliyahu hanavi, Eliyahu hatish'bi, Eliyahu hagil'adi

Bim'herah beyameinu yavo eleinu im Mashi'ach ben David.

אליהו הנביא אליהו התשבי אליהו הגלעדי

במהרה בימינו יבוא אלנו עם משיח בן דוד 

haggadah Section: Bareich
Source: Baltimore Social Justice Seder