On our Seder table, there is a large cup of wine which none of us has touched. We have reserved it for a special guest, whose name is "ELIJAH--the Prophet" (Eliahu HaNavi).

Our bible tells us many wonderful stories about Elijah. He was a man of great courage, who fought for what is just and right. 

According to tradition, Elijah never died. One day he will return, to announce the arrival of a time when all people will live in peace and treat each other with kindness and love.

Many legends have been told about Elijah. He is the champion of those who are in need or in trouble. He performs miracles to help those in danger. He brings hope and cheer.

Legend tells us that on Pesach, Elijah appears at every Seder and sips a little wine from "his" cup. Some people watch the wine in Elijah's cup carefully to see if any disappears while the door is open.

haggadah Section: Bareich