Eating of the Afikomen

Faygle Train. 2021. Group of Animals enjoying Pesach. [Digital Art]

Artist Statement:This engaging colouring page was designed during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020 in order to bring some Pesach cheer to my community during a challenging time. I drew upon my educator background to create a series that depicted a group of animals enjoying Pesach - from burning the chametz to finding the dessert afikomen. I deliberately chose a mix of mammals, reptiles, and marine life as a nod to my personal love for wildlife as well as a fun way to represent diversity within the Jewish community. I was delighted to see so many children and adults using this series as a teaching tool, stress reliever, and way to decorate their homes for Pesach - and I hope it continues to spread happiness.

Artist Bio: Faygle Train is an educator and artist with a passion for environmental and social justice. Before moving from Toronto to Israel, Faygle completed a B.F.A. Hons. with a focus on black and white photography, a B.Ed. in high school education, and numerous courses at the Academy of Realist Art where she learned the classical techniques of the masters. Her art has been published in books, displayed in shows, splashed on theatre backdrops and props, and decorated on school walls in rural villages. In addition to creating art, Faygle has taught in high schools for Armenian and Arab youth in the Old City of Jerusalem and for Jewish youth in the Israel Goldstein Youth Village. She now works at the Shalom Hartman Institute after time at the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and its affiliate NGO, Jewish Eco Seminars. Her earlier work on women’s health and human rights in Nepal with Tevel b’Tzedek (Earth in Justice) ignited her profound interest in sustainability and global development from a Jewish perspective. She now lives in Jerusalem, Israel and in her spare time is a set designer and foster-dog mom when she’s not trying to save the planet or playing with mosaics.

haggadah Section: Tzafun