Don't sit on the Afikomen (To the tune of “Glory, Glory, Halleluyah”)

My Dad at every Seder breaks a Matza piece in two And hides the Afikomen half - A game for me and you Find it, hold it ransom for the Seder isn't through 'till the Afikomen's gone.


Don't sit on the Afikomen.
Don't sit on the Afikomen.
Don't sit on the Afikomen.
Or the Meal will last all night

One year Daddy hid it 'neath a pillow on a chair
But just as I raced over, my Aunt Sophie sat down there She threw herself upon it
Awful crunching filled the air 
And crumbs flew all around


There were matza crumbs all over
Oh, it was a messy sight
We swept up all the pieces though it took us half the night
So, if you want your Seder ending sooner than dawn's light, 
Don't sit on the Afiko-o-men


haggadah Section: Conclusion
Source: From: Sing a Song of Yom Tov in 1986 by Elissa Treuer