Beautiful Pesach Dishes 

Suffering makes us lose hope. 

Suffering makes us question the presence of God in this world, the scope of our control, and the hope of a better future. To the extent that we feel guilty and "blame" ourselves for bringing about our own suffering, we may also lose hope in ourselves. 

The Jew's prolonged suffering in Egypt made them unable to hear Moses' inspiring words or to imagine a brighter future. Their lives had been utterly darkened. 

In Bereshit (Genesis), we read about the destruction of the world. After prolonged rain, Noah emerges from the ark to encounter a world of death and desolation. Everything has been destroyed. 

How can he possibly go on? What purpose is there in re-building? 

God gives Noah the antidote to despair - the rainbow. God could have simply said: "I will never destroy the world again." But God does more than that - He shows Noah the rainbow. 

The rainbow is the epitome of all beauty. It encompasses all colors, all wavelengths - the full spectrum of being and opportunity - all gracefully arching across the heavens. Within the rainbow is concealed all possibilities of future beauty. 

After destruction and suffering, beauty gives us hope. 

Activity for Seder: 

Some people save their most beautiful dishes to use just one night a year, at the Pesach Seder. Why not add one item of special beauty to your Seder Table?

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Source: ayeka