For a More Just and Equitable World

On Passover, it is traditional to ask questions, engaging in dialogue with our ancient tradition. This year, whether you’re participating in a Seder in your home or connecting virtually with your family and friends, we hope you will embrace the spirit of Passover by engaging in meaningful conversations about freedom and justice.

1. Dayenu means “enough.” What does it mean to have enough? When do you say Dayenu in your life?

2. As COVID-19 continues to threaten our global community, how do you stay resilient and grounded in the face of uncertainty?

3. If you were to add a new food to the Seder plate to symbolize the journey to freedom, what would it be — and why?

4. What does freedom mean to you?

5. How can you speak out against ‘modern day Pharaohs’ who undermine freedom and democracy in our world?

6. We retell the Passover story in each generation. What do you want the next generation to remember about how you responded to today’s challenges?

7. Reciting the ‘10 Plagues’ is one of the most dramatic moments in the Passover Seder. What are some of the plagues that threaten our planet today?

8. The Haggadah concludes with a hopeful aspiration for the coming year. What’s your hope for your life and for our collective future this year?

9. What actions will you take in the year ahead to pursue justice for people around the world?

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haggadah Section: Koreich
Source: American Jewish World Service