Dayenu: It Would Have Been Enough There is a Persian Jewish custom of beating one another with scallions during this song, as a remembrance of the overseers' cruel treatment. Fun for all ages!

What does this mean, "It would have been enough"?  Surely no one of these would indeed have been enough for us.  Dayenu means to celebrate each step toward freedom as if it were enough, then to start out on the next step.  It means that if we reject each step because it is not the whole liberation, we will never be able to achieve the whole liberation.  It means to sing each verse as if it were the whole song—and then sing the next verse.

Had God: Brought us out of Egypt and not divided the sea for us—Dayenu!

Divided the sea and not permitted us to cross on dry land—Dayenu!

Permitted us to cross on dry land and not sustained us for forty years in the desert—Dayenu!

Sustained us for forty years in the desert and not fed us with manna—Dayenu!

Fed us with manna and not given us the Sabbath—Dayenu!

Given us the Sabbath and not brought us to Mount Sinai—Dayenu!

Brought us to Mount Sinai and not given us the Torah—Dayenu!

Given us the Torah and not led us into the land of Israel—Dayenu!

Led us into the land of Israel and not built for us the Temple—Dayenu!

Built for us the Temple and not sent us prophets of truth—Dayenu!

Sent us prophets of truth and not made us a holy people—Dayenu!

For all these, alone and together, we say—Dayenu!

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Velveteen Rabbi