The traditional dayenu text lists the many miracles that God performed for us during and after the exodus narrative. After each stanza we sing “dayenu,” it would have been enough, as a reminder to appreciate all of our blessings. This modified dayenu lists some of our hopes for the future, and reminds us that we personally have the ability to effect change in today’s criminal justice system.

Sing Together:

If we could treat people of all races equally in our justice system
And also restore civil rights to returning citizens

If we could build a justice system that focuses on treatment
And also approach drug addiction as a medical condition

If we could prevent discrimination in hiring
And also not force returning citizens into the underground economy

If we could spend fewer resources arresting people for drug offenses
And also spend more resources preventing violent crime

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Baltimore Social Justice Seder