Reader 31: The story of Passover, with its rich symbolism, has been told for centuries at Seders all over the world. Through these symbols we maintain a connection with the past, a connection with Jews all over the world today, and a link to the future. What are these symbols?

MATZA (Please distribute a small piece of matza to each person )

This is the bread of both affliction and a symbol of liberation. Let all who are hungry come and eat.

Reader 32: THE BITTER HERB  (Please make a small sandwich of matza and bitter herbs)

The bitter herb reminds us of the bitterness of our lives as slaves in Egypt. 

ALL: Tonight we taste the bitter herb and recognize the bitter consequences of exploitation, the loss of lives, the waste of the potential of all peoples.

(Eat sandwich)

Reader 33: PARSLEY  (Please distribute parsley and everyone dip it in salt water)

The parsley and the salt water remind us that both the tender greens of the earth and the salt of the sea are joined together to sustain life. 

ALL: They also remind us of the tears of despair shed by Jews as slaves in Egypt and all the oppressed in the world.


Tradition directs us to have a roasted lamb bone which is symbolic of the animals sacrificed during the Exodus. The doorposts of the Jewish homes were marked with the blood of the lamb, so the Angel of Death 

would pass over and not take their first born son.

Reader 35: KHAROSES  (Each person please make a sandwich of matza and kharoset )

This mixture reminds us of the days when our ancestors had to make bricks and mortar for Pharaoh's cities. 

ALL: The sweet taste of kharoses also reminds us that in the most bitter

times of slavery, our people have always remembered the sweet taste of freedom.

Reader 36: The EGGS at the table are a symbol of holiday sacrifices brought to the Temple in Jerusalem. 

ALL: We eat the eggs, dipped in salt water, to taste the tears of our captivity. 

(Please pass and eat the eggs in salt water).

Orange On The Seder Plate

ALL: The Orange on the seder plate symbolizes our commitment to ALL marginalized people.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: The Jewish Secular Community Passover Hagada