Bashanah haba-ah

Neshev al ha-mir-peset

Ven-is-por tse-porim no-de-dot.

Ye-lodim be-khufsa

Ye sa-ha-ku to-feset

Beyn ha-bayit le veyn ha-sadot.

Od-tireh od-tireh


Bashanah bashanah ha-ba-ah  (repeat stanza)

Soon the day will arrive

When we will be together

And no longer will we live in fear.

And the children will smile

Without wondering whether

On that dark day new clouds will appear.

Wait and see, wait and see

What a world there can be

If we share, if we care, you and me   (repeat stanza)

We have dreamed, we have died

To make a bright tomorrow

And their vision remains in our hearts.

Now the torch must be passed

With hope and not in sorrow

And a promise to make a new start.

Od-tireh od-tireh

Kamah-tov ye-yey

    Bashana bashana haba-ah   (repeat stanza)

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: The Jewish Secular Community Passover Hagada