Prompt: Write a conclusion to the passover seder as though it were a Llama Llama book by Anna Dewdney.

Chat GPT: 

Llama Llama Passover drama,

Haggadah, matzah, and wine galore,

Four cups of wine, but now no more.

Story of Pesach, let's sing and play,

Afikomen found, and we'll eat it today.

Seder plate, symbols so grand,

Now it's time to take a stand.

We'll remember our ancestors and their plight,

Their journey to freedom, a beacon of light.

As we end this special night,

We'll keep their memory shining bright.

We'll clean up the crumbs, put away our things,

And cherish the memories this seder brings.

So goodnight, dear friends, rest your heads,

And remember the story that we've said.

Llama Llama, now it's time for bed,

With visions of Elijah dancing in your head.

Sweet dreams, my friends, until next year,

When we'll gather once again with Pesach cheer.

haggadah Section: Conclusion