To conclude this seder, let us end with a joke, one in which will surely get a chuckle from the members of our project:

Issy is a very wealthy man and for his mother’s birthday he goes to a Sotheby’s sale and buys her a very expensive painting. When he gets back home, he can’t wait to phone to tell her what he’s bought for her. "Hi, mum, it’s me, Issy, your number one son, your boychik." 
"Oh (pause) is everything all right, bubbeleh?" she asks. 
"Yes, mum," replies Issy, "everything is fine. I’m ringing to tell you that for your birthday, I’ve just bought you a Rubens." 
"Rubin?" she says, "Do you mean Rubin the accountant?" 
"No, mum, Rubens is a great painter," explains Issy, laughing. 
"Oh, this I didn't know," she says. "Listen, bubbeleh, ask him how much he'll charge to paint my kitchen."

Humor aside, it is truly everyone on this team's solemn hope that our project, Old Forgotten Art Found, launching in April 2015, on the 70th anniversary of the liberation in Europe, shall be a blessing to the Jewish people, and to humanity. We hope to recover art stolen by the Nazis, and return it to their rightful owners, their heirs, or descendants. We know that G-d has blessed with us with a special privilege and responsibility to perform our task. We thank G-d for our duty, and for the good that we may spread in our mission to repair history.

haggadah Section: Conclusion